Résultat de recherche d'images pour "castor fruit"There are several things that you use daily for carrying out several activities. One of these essential things is the oil. There are many uses of oil from massaging to healing pain; it can provide you relief from any type of pain by penetrating all the tissues deeply. Variety of oil is available in the market and each has its own benefits. In fact many of them also have some history and hold some historical values.

One such oil that is known for its healing properties is castor oil. This oil is extracted from the seeds of castor plant which is mostly cultivated in the Asian regions. Castor oil is easily available in the market and can be purchased from local stores or super markets. These days it can be also purchased from online shopping sites. The main benefit of buying from online site is that they deal in 100% pure castor oil. It does not contain any type of harmful substance and no type of adulteration is done in it.

Benefits of using castor oil

There are many benefits of using this oil; from infant to the youngster, it is beneficial for everyone. It has many healing properties through which any type of soreness can be healed. Following are some other benefits of using castor oil.

Stomach cleansing

This oil is used for solving the stomachache and other related problems. Most of the time people suffer from gas problem, due to which they have to suffer from constipation. In fact, sometime it also becomes severe and causes abnormal pain. So, to overcome this problem you can use castor oil. It is a natural laxative which will reduce the pain and will help in sorting out the issue like constipation through the bowel movement. Along with this, it also helps in improving the digestion system and will reduce the toxin level of your body. Through this stress and depression related problems will also reduce.

Helpful for hair color

Most of the time, at a young age hairs start falling and getting white, but with the help of the oil you can solve this issue. This oil will help you in enhancing the hair color. With its regular use your hair will become shinier, stronger and thicker. It will enhance its natural color, through which the hairs will look rich and much better.

This oil helps in providing moisture and it acts as a moisturizer. It will darken the color of your hair and will prevent your hair from shafting. You can use the oil after washing it, if you want to get better result.

Helpful in removing moles

There are many small animals that enter inside your house and affect the inside atmosphere. Moles are one of them and are mostly found in gardens and yards. So, if moles are tearing your garden then you can use castor oil. They hate this oil and it can be the best way through which they can be removed. You can simply add oil in water and then pour it in the holes. This will not kill them but at least make them leave your place.