Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"Lavender oil has been used for many different things, but in the recent years, we noticed that more and more people are using it as an important addition to their home maintenance. The best lavender oil is actually the most versatile essential oil that can be used in a home. It is beneficial, safe and it has no side effects, even if you have sensitive organism. Let’s see some of the possible usages.

  • Perfect for cleaning different surfaces

When it comes to cleaning all kinds of surfaces in your home, you know that you must use different chemicals. As the answer to this demand, manufacturers make thousands of chemicals. But, if you use a wrong chemical on a sensitive surface, you will damage it. The solution is lavender oil. When it is mixed with water and vinegar, it becomes extra-powerful cleaning chemical. You can use it for all kinds of surfaces. Because it kills bacteria and germs, it is highly useful in cleaning surfaces in your kitchen. If you want to improve the mixture and make it stronger, add lemon essential oil.

  • Making your living room more pleasant

Add lavender oil to a hoover bag and enjoy. The scent will be released occasionally, making your living room perfect for relaxation or spending time with friends. Although, we recommend using lavender essential oil, you can get similar results with the plant itself. Make sure you add fresh flowers and to keep them in water, just to prolong their lifespan.

  • Addition to a bathroom

The first usage here is to add lavender essential oil to the toilet roll tube. This is needed, because each time you release the water, you will get a well-known scent. Obviously, there are a lot of alternatives to this issue, but lavender essential oil is slightly better, due to the fact it kills harmful bacteria that will cause a bad odor in the drain pipes. Just to make sure, add lavender essential oil directly to the bathtub, toilet and drain openings around the bathroom. In bathrooms without windows, this is simply mandatory.

  • More than just needed in a bedroom

For people who have trouble sleeping, lavender essential oil is the answer. Just mix it to the mater and apply it on pillows, sheets and beds. Because the scent is very calming and relaxing, it will help you sleep better than ever. In the morning, you will have more energy and you will be saved from nightmares, if you have them.

  • Add it to your closet

Want to keep your clothes fresh and safe? Use lavender essential oil. This procedure is extremely simple. You will have to add a few drops on a ball of cotton and place it next to your wardrobe. As such, the scent will repel the insects, moths for example, and at the same time it will keep your clothes fresh. In addition, this is an excellent way to maintain the odor of your clothes through the winter.